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Individual: 50min   |50€  

pass x4 ind: | 150€

Small group:        | 20€  

pass x5 : 90€


On appointment only: 

On Thursdays afternoon @

Centre Nestia 

The other days at Shiatsudo Centre



Shiatsu stimulates baby'svitality, renforces his immunity system; through touch it accompanies him into his new reality.

Give yourself a priviledged moment of relaxation with your baby.  

For babies (& parents) from birth. 

Shiatsu is practiced dressed, which allows to practice it at any time, without the need to heat the room particularly, or to be provided with oil and towels. But to promote skin-to-skin contact with your baby, you can also practice this massage with oil. If you wish to try it, bring a suitable oil (from vegetable origin, without essential oils, organic) that you have previously tested on the skin your baby.



The benefits of massage / shiatsu for babies:

  • can help the baby become more stable and comfortable after birth

  • promotes the physical and emotional development of the baby.

  • supports the relationship and connection with parents.

  • strengthens the immune system.

  • Supports physiological systems of the body (ie circulatory, nervous, gastrointestinal)

  • Helps promote digestion and relieve digestive problems such as colic, gas, constipation.

  • Can help regulate sleep patterns.


In this session I can integrate exercises for the mother adapted to her needs while playing with her baby. Dads and grand-siblings are also welcome and integrated into the session.

Vous êtes enceinte ou en projet bébé et ressentez le besoin d'être soutenue, écoutée, nourrie? D'autres changements boulevers


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