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Espace Shiatsudo: shiatsu et massage @ bruxelles jette


This is a place designed by me to bring you in an enveloping, grounding and safe atmosphere. It is also a place that speaks my story. But most important it is a place made with love. 


Many people told me that they would love to have the strength to make a radical change in their life as I did by "leaving architecture for shiatsu".


But actually it was not about any strength... I think this space can tell this story better than me.


I was tormented for a long time about what my path was, until I realized that instead of struggling I could relax, that instead of considering myself divided I could feel just one.

And so it became somehow simple, I learned  to flow with life, and shortly after that Shiatsudo was born.

Surpisingly, exactly when shiatsu seemed to have conquered my professional identity, architecture became present again, in such a concrete way as it never was before: not only I designed this space but my hands learned to sand, to plaster, they caressed the wood first to feel its fibers lifted after a coat of paint and then to appreciate the effect of sanding.


Just as the body has always been at the center of my architectural works, so in shiatsu the care for the atmosphere that surrounds the person is an integral part of the treatment.


To enter this space you have to descend a few steps, towards the earth, stand on the cement tiles laid in 1910, then, barefoot, you can take a further small step into a "magic box" where the here and now is all that matters. From under your feet a wooden skin extends to the walls and ceiling, you enter into a small protected world that envelops you. As in the mother's womb, here there is no past or future but only the present. There is no right or wrong, just everything you need. For 75 minutes I am with you, accompanying the movements of the Ki (your vital breath), connecting with your unity, supporting you to flow with life.


My deepest thanks goes to my husband Bart and my father-in-law René, who created this space with their precious hands and generous hearts. It is literally a place made with love, and I am sure that you will sense it.

Aimez-vous la sculpture sur la photo? est une création de Heidi Lambrechts

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