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flow with life


You are pregnant or planning a pregnancy and feel the need to be supported, listened to, nourished?

You wish to reinforce your connection with yourself (and your baby)


Or perhaps there are some sleep difficulties, tensions, pains in your body,

that are "speaking" to you?

Shiatsu, through a gentle work on your physical and energetic body, 

supports all changes in a person's life,

every time we are finding a new balance, so important when it comes to passing on life.

My name is Valentina and I am a shiatsu practitioner specialised in the perinatal period.

I would be delighted to welcome you in my cocoon-studio is in the north of Brussels,

at the crossroads between Jette, Ganshoren, Koekelberg.


Every person is unique, I will adapt to your needs!



Shiatsu stimulates the body's vital energy. Calm and relaxing in nature, it is yet dynamic in effect. The body-mind re-adjusts itself and a new well being takes place.

For everybody


Working on key acupressure points, birth positions, breathing and visualisations, this course prepares parents for the beautiful journey of giving birth. 

For couples from 2nd trimester on.


Shiatsu supports future mums' emotional, energetic and physical changes before conception, during pregnancy up to after delivery. It enhances their balance & their relationship with their baby.

From the 1st trimester on


A relaxing massage to ease discomfort in the body, encourage emotional balance and bonding with the baby-to-be. Using pue organic oils that nourish the skin it helps prevent stretch marks.

From the 2nd trimester on


In this class you will learn the meridian stretching to self stimulate your vital energy, you will flow with it together with your baby in a free bonding dance.

From the 1st trimester on


Shiatsu stimulates baby's vital energy, reinforces his/her immunity system, accompanies him/her to its new reality through touch.

A special moment of relax for the whole family

For babies from birth accompanied by the parent/s

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